We’ve been streaming live on the Internet for several years and now we are pleased to announce that God is taking us one step closer to TV Broadcasting at Taking It To The Streets Ministries. We thank God SO much for making this possible!

Starting on Friday December 21st we will be streaming live on Internet, YouTube and Facebook simultaneously. If you have a Smart TV go to YouTube and enter streets4god.com and join us live right there on your TV. If you don’t have a Smart TV you can buy a Roku connector for around $30 to have Smart TV capabilities.

We know that God is taking us one step at a time and we just want to follow His leading and be in His timing all for His glory!

Rev. Jarrod Midkiff will be speaking on Friday December 21st at 7 pm with Doris Hagerman doing the singing.

Pastor Harry Gunter will be speaking on Saturday December 22nd at 7 pm with Shirley Ridpath doing the singing.

We are praying for a mighty move of God this weekend and we are looking forward to seeing you at The Streets!

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